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  • Wellness | Everything you need to keep your pet healthy and happy, including: vaccines, parasite testing, complete examinations, and nutritional consults and recommendations.
  • Blood Work Monitoring | Both in-house and external laboratory blood work are available to meet a wide variety of needs.
  • Digital Imaging | We take quick and convenient diagnostic digital radiology images that are evaluated by leading radiological experts, and are easily transferable to emergency and specialty care facilities. For patients who are in need of an ultrasound, we bring in the same expert radiologist team that looks at our X-rays to ensure consistent quality throughout our diagnostic process. 
  • Surgery | Spay and neuter procedures, mass removals, and wound closures are part of our everyday surgical expertise. Alongside our comprehensive anesthesia monitoring, we bring in the area's best surgeons to provide care for our more complex cases including oncological surgical needs, specialty surgery, and orthopedics.
  • Dental Care | Did you know that dental disease can cause strain on your pet's heart and liver health? We offer sedated dental cleanings and extractions, and oral hygiene kits to help keep your pet's mouth healthy, happy, and fresh.
  • Treatment for Injuries and Illness | From broken nails, ear infections, and vomiting and diarrhea, to dogs that like to eat socks, rocks, and earrings, we are able to triage and treat many of the unexpected ways that pets end up sick or injured. Need a follow up or continuing care after an ER visit? Give us a call! Most urgent patients can be seen within 24 hours.
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